Pioneer G Series 250w 5.25"

  • $85.25

Treat yourself

Listening to your favorite music through new speakers is a lot like the feeling you get after driving through a carwash. With the muck and smudges gone and the world sparkling before you, you wonder how you could have driven so long, looking through a dirty windshield. Pioneer's TS-G1320F 5.25" speakers will give you that carwash feel every day.

Superior design at a low price

This 5.25" 2-way speaker features a polypropylene woofer cone with an improved design that gives you better midbass for a fuller musical experience. The dome tweeter employs a hypersensitive diaphragm to broadcast the high frequencies effectively, while the tweeter's flanged frame improves dispersion so more of the little details reach your ears. The speaker's expansive voice coil dissipates heat effectively, so these speakers should live a long, happy life in your car. Handsome, full mesh grilles are included if you have a custom installation on your hands.