12-24 Trucks/Vans/Buses Reverse Camera

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7 inches TFT LCD Color Monitor


  1. Display image can be rotated horizontally and vertically for mirror or normal viewing.
  2. Monitor will automatically turn on and switch to the rear view camera when the reversing.
  3. Support two camera video inputs. V1/V2 Selectable.
  4. Monitor can be roof mounted or dash mounted, meeting your special needs.
  1. OSD MENU Set Camera Mirror/Normal image
  2. Color System:PAL/NTSC (AUTO)
  3. Display Resolution: 480(H) X 234(V) dot
  4. Support Two Camera Video Inputs
  5. Wide view angle(CR:10):(up/ down): 45/65 (left/right): 65/65
  6. Brightness (cd/m2): 250
  7. Operating temperature: -20 to +70
  8. Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃
  9. Free Operating Voltage DC 12~24VDC

Rear View Camera

  1. Image Type: 1/4 "SHARP Color CCD
  2. Horizontal Resolution:420TV Lines
  3. Effective pixel:NTSC:510(H)X492(V);PAL:500(H)X582(V)
  4. Usable Illumination : 0Lux (Built in 18pcs IR LED's for Picture Support in the Dark)
  5. Free viewing angle: 120° (diagonally)
  6. Waterproof: IP67
  7. Shockproof: 10G
  8. Video Output:1.0Vp-p75Ω
  9. Free Operating Voltage DC 12V~24V
  10. Dimensions: 89(W) x 53(H) x 48(D) mm

The advantages of 4-pin connector cable:

  1. It will shield vehicle's circuit interference better than normal AV cable.
  2. Rubber cot is attached to cover the cable connector to avoid water flushing.
  3. One cable solution deals with both power and singal transmission. No power cable is needed to connect cameras.
Note : We strongly recommend you to make a bench test before you install the kit on your vehicle. As in many cases, monitor or camera was damaged by incorrect connection or unstable power on vehicles.
  • 1 x7'' TFT LCD Monitor
  • 1 x Rearview camera
  • 1 x Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x 15m 4-pin cable